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Kinerase products are marketed as a very gentle skin care system that claims to have been scientifically shown to reduce the effects of age damage from the sun, “liver spot” blotches, and roughness. Kinerase bases many of its products on a substance called kinetin, which is an herbal extract. This extract is what keeps plant leaves moist under all types of conditions. Kinerase claims that when kinetin is applied to the skin, the skin will also retain moisture in a similar fashion.

Kinerase offers a very wide range of products that cover everything from your standard moisturizers to instant face lifts in a bottle. Many of the Kinerase products are hypoallergenic and contain many all-natural ingredients. The Kinerase official website offers two separate collections. One is the Kinerase Core Collection, which uses kinetin and the Kinerase Pro+Therapy which uses a different extract called Zeatin. Kinerase Cream is part of the Core Collection and is one of the most popular products available from this company. It is sold in dermatologist offices all over the world.

Kinerase Cream claims to improve the tone of your skin and to help reduce the appearance of sun damage and aging. Kinerase Cream stresses that it improves your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture and that it helps to prevent water loss on a cellular level. This cream does contain soluble collagen and hydrolyzed elastin, which may both help your skin become more firm, but studies are inconclusive as to how well these actually work when absorbed through the skin.

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